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I zoom with Gioia De Cari (soprano) and John Olson (guitar) about their Dec. 12 video release party.  for more info. Don't forget to contribute to the show:

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David and JohnPaul come on to discuss their unique approach to the sale of fine instruments. 

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One of the most prolific leaders in the world of arts organization comes on to share what he's learned. 

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The Founder and host of joins me for a convo about alternative career paths within the guitar world. 

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A conversation with emerging Cuba born, Miami based guitarist Laura Mazon. 

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I have Scottish guitarist Sean Shibe join us via Zoom from Scotland. Be sure too check out Sean's work at and my new album at 

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From Havana to London to New York (virtually), it's guitarist Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas! 

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The Grammy Winner talks!

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Matthew McAllister joins us to talk about education, Scarlatti, and Ice Cream Truck Drug Dealers. 

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An amazing guitarist, recording engineer and all around good guy, Uros Baric joins us on the first ever remote episode of CGI.

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Oh man do I love this guy. My grammy award winning buddy, Clarinetist Linus comes on the show. He’s tall and he wins things and is still super nice! 

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Mateusz is a great guy with a wonderful debut album and we have one of my favorite conversations. I think it was the Dunkin Doughnuts Coffee, a new supporter of the show. Just kidding, their coffee tastes like the outside of a coke can and they are not sponsoring us, but and are. 

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Jazzzzzz guitarist Randy Napoleon is coming from the University of Michigan to talk with us about the Detroit scene, touring in his forties, and New York. And a little about his kids, but not annoyingly so.  

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