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From Russia! Irina Kulikova visits Brooklyn for a quick sit down on her tour. 

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Laura Snowden visits Brooklyn to talk about guitar and music and teaching and the whole thing! Sponsored by nkoda. 

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James Lentini comes on to talk about academic administration, composition, guitar, his new concerto and drinks a cup from my two year old "back up" bag of Dunkin Doughnuts coffee. Good sport Jim! 

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We talk about his new solo album Solitude Intones Its Echo and his time on Broadway as an oud player in the hit musical The Band's Visit. 

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The luthier and cofounder of Rivington Guitars talks about how much everything sucks with his fellow generation x-er, Burp Williams. 

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Part 2 of Victor Kioulaphides. A happy accident. 

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The winner of the 2017 Guitar Foundation of America's top prize  teaches me how to speak fluent Chinese in 30 minutes. You can speak it too by visiting 

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From the Texas Guitar Quartet and JAI Trio, Isaac Bustos and Al Montiel stop by.

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Kids like really dumb things. Dumb shows, dumb music, and they aren't intentionally funny until they're about 14. Native New Yorker Jahzeel Montes hopes to help with his initiative to provide free classical guitar lessons and ensemble experiences for children that otherwise might not have access. 

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