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I talk to composer and guitarist Alex de Grassi about his genre bending approach to making art. 

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Matt Kaplan and Josh Paul come on to talk about the formation of a new guitar society. 

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The Metropolitain Museum of Art oragnaologist and curator shares details about one of the world's most valuable collection of music instruments. Come see them when you're in town for the GFA!  

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An Tran joins us to talk about his album, a collection of solo compositions from Vietnam. 

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Hilary Field comes on form Seattle to talk about her exciting projects and incredbile career. 

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Head of the Eastman School Music and Naxos recording artist Nicholas Goluses joins us to talk about teahcing, the early days of the Manhattan School Of Music's gutiar department, Segovia and more. 

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An amazing guitarist, composer and guy talks about career changes, taking chances and working hard.  

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