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I spend some time with an old college buddy who's doing fantastic things in Philadelphia for undeserved communities and celebrating the release of a new album. 

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Guitarist Stephen Mattingly drops by to talk about guitar and Kentucky stuff!

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Classical Guitar Alive hosts Tony Morris Talks about outreach, organization and radio on this long lost episode. 

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Louis Trépanier of the Canadian Guitar Quartet joins us!

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Adam Levin releases a new album featuring contemporary Spanish compositions and has a child. 

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English Guitarist Alexandra Whittingham comes on to discuss recording her latest album and American hockey half time promotional giveaways. 

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Canadian guitarist and composer Dale Kavanagh Joins us to talk about her long, productive career and the new album coming out this month. 

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GFA winner and founder of Sueño guitars, Johannes Möller visits. 

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McGill University Professor and award winning guitarist Steve Cowan joins us on the show. 

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Guitarist, Activist, and Arts Administrator Ciyadh Wells joins us for a discussion about all of the above. Please consider supporting the show: 

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I sit down over zoom with my old friend and now head of the Berklee College of Music guitar department. 

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A great guy who plays music form the 19th century on period instruments comes on the show, Brian Torosian is our episode 139. 

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