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Jouyan Tarzaban from Siccas comes on to talk about what he looks for in a guitar's sound.

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Eden Stell Guitar Duo come on to talk about thier prolific past, their recent transcriptions of Scarlatti, and their upcoming releases. 

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Nigerian guitarist and composer Taiwo Adegoke talks about starting the first classical guitar society in West Africa and infusing local harmonies and rhythms into new compositions and arrangements.  

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I talk to composer and guitarist Alex de Grassi about his genre bending approach to making art. 

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Matt Kaplan and Josh Paul come on to talk about the formation of a new guitar society. 

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The Metropolitain Museum of Art oragnaologist and curator shares details about one of the world's most valuable collection of music instruments. Come see them when you're in town for the GFA!  

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An Tran joins us to talk about his album, a collection of solo compositions from Vietnam. 

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Hilary Field comes on form Seattle to talk about her exciting projects and incredbile career. 

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Head of the Eastman School Music and Naxos recording artist Nicholas Goluses joins us to talk about teahcing, the early days of the Manhattan School Of Music's gutiar department, Segovia and more. 

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An amazing guitarist, composer and guy talks about career changes, taking chances and working hard.  

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I have legendary guitarist Liona Boyd on the show to talk about her long and varied career. 

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THE composer shares his thoughts on Einstein, jazz, compostion and more. It's Andrew York!

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I have Fred on for the second time because, he's my main guy. 

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ACGS Artistic Director and Composer in Residence Joe Williams comes on to talk about his setting of guitar music to Alfred Hitchcock's silent film The Lodger. 

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Hannah Murphy joins us for a chat about saving dogs, the lord of the rings and guitar. and instagram. and her first album, A Dream in the Forest!

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Recording Artist and International Guitarist Miloš Karadaglić joins us. 

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Ana Vidović took time out of her schedule to talk to me! 

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David Scott McLean is an amazing flamenco guitarist and takes time to speak with us about teaching, performance, and tradition. 
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I spend some time with an old college buddy who's doing fantastic things in Philadelphia for undeserved communities and celebrating the release of a new album. 

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Guitarist Stephen Mattingly drops by to talk about guitar and Kentucky stuff!

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Classical Guitar Alive hosts Tony Morris Talks about outreach, organization and radio on this long lost episode. 

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Louis Trépanier of the Canadian Guitar Quartet joins us!

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Adam Levin releases a new album featuring contemporary Spanish compositions and has a child. 

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English Guitarist Alexandra Whittingham comes on to discuss recording her latest album and American hockey half time promotional giveaways. 

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Canadian guitarist and composer Dale Kavanagh Joins us to talk about her long, productive career and the new album coming out this month. 

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GFA winner and founder of Sueño guitars, Johannes Möller visits. 

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McGill University Professor and award winning guitarist Steve Cowan joins us on the show. 

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Guitarist, Activist, and Arts Administrator Ciyadh Wells joins us for a discussion about all of the above. Please consider supporting the show: 

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I sit down over zoom with my old friend and now head of the Berklee College of Music guitar department. 

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A great guy who plays music form the 19th century on period instruments comes on the show, Brian Torosian is our episode 139. 

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I zoom with Gioia De Cari (soprano) and John Olson (guitar) about their Dec. 12 video release party.  for more info. Don't forget to contribute to the show:

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David and JohnPaul come on to discuss their unique approach to the sale of fine instruments. 

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One of the most prolific leaders in the world of arts organization comes on to share what he's learned. 

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The Founder and host of joins me for a convo about alternative career paths within the guitar world. 

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A conversation with emerging Cuba born, Miami based guitarist Laura Mazon. 

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I have Scottish guitarist Sean Shibe join us via Zoom from Scotland. Be sure too check out Sean's work at and my new album at 

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From Havana to London to New York (virtually), it's guitarist Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas! 

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The Grammy Winner talks!

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Matthew McAllister joins us to talk about education, Scarlatti, and Ice Cream Truck Drug Dealers. 

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An amazing guitarist, recording engineer and all around good guy, Uros Baric joins us on the first ever remote episode of CGI.

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Oh man do I love this guy. My grammy award winning buddy, Clarinetist Linus comes on the show. He’s tall and he wins things and is still super nice! 

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Mateusz is a great guy with a wonderful debut album and we have one of my favorite conversations. I think it was the Dunkin Doughnuts Coffee, a new supporter of the show. Just kidding, their coffee tastes like the outside of a coke can and they are not sponsoring us, but and are. 

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Jazzzzzz guitarist Randy Napoleon is coming from the University of Michigan to talk with us about the Detroit scene, touring in his forties, and New York. And a little about his kids, but not annoyingly so.  

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From Russia! Irina Kulikova visits Brooklyn for a quick sit down on her tour. 

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Laura Snowden visits Brooklyn to talk about guitar and music and teaching and the whole thing! Sponsored by nkoda. 

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James Lentini comes on to talk about academic administration, composition, guitar, his new concerto and drinks a cup from my two year old "back up" bag of Dunkin Doughnuts coffee. Good sport Jim! 

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We talk about his new solo album Solitude Intones Its Echo and his time on Broadway as an oud player in the hit musical The Band's Visit. 

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The luthier and cofounder of Rivington Guitars talks about how much everything sucks with his fellow generation x-er, Burp Williams. 

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Part 2 of Victor Kioulaphides. A happy accident. 

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The winner of the 2017 Guitar Foundation of America's top prize  teaches me how to speak fluent Chinese in 30 minutes. You can speak it too by visiting 

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From the Texas Guitar Quartet and JAI Trio, Isaac Bustos and Al Montiel stop by.

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Kids like really dumb things. Dumb shows, dumb music, and they aren't intentionally funny until they're about 14. Native New Yorker Jahzeel Montes hopes to help with his initiative to provide free classical guitar lessons and ensemble experiences for children that otherwise might not have access. 

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Guitar Dealer and New York Icon Beverly Maher invites me into the 50 year old Guitar Salon. 

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Episode 115 Jesse Flowers

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Rob Adler 

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Episode 113 Eliot Fisk. I finally get an interview with one of my heroes: BATMAN!!!! But I decided to cancel and go to Boston to interview another hero, Eliot Fisk, because it’s more appropriate. AND I got to stay in the room where he keeps the ascots!!!

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Episode 112 Apostolos Paraskevas

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Episode 111 Gabriel Handy

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Episode 110: Stephen Goss

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Episode 109 Matthew Marshall 

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The lest episode of the Elnora series, jazz guitarist Jose Emilio Gobbo talks about brazilian pop and advanced jazz study. 

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I learn about the Spanish Inquisition from Adam Del Monte as he prepares for the first performance of his newly penned Flamenco Opera. 

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The boys form Germany come on to talk about their new project at the Elnora Guitar Festival. 

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I hang out with Jazz guitarist Rez Abbasi during the Ellnora Festival at the University Of Illinois. Happy Tax Day.  

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You know what I did last summer! I didn't run over anybody in my car while cruising with my high school friends at Kolmer Gulch, but I did do something I said I wouldn't ever do, interview a 22 year old! Turns out, they can be as fun, vulnerable and interesting as anyone else! I feel stupid. Here is my time with the outstanding guitarist, Alberta Khoury.

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He taught me how to play Villa Lobos, how to convey the emotional nuances of modern Brazilian Music, and how to do my hair in 1997.  We never even met. Until Now! Here is my time with Brazilian guitarist Fabio Zanon. 

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Connie and I talk about her journey to performing original music by women composers, her position as general manager of the Guitar Foundation of America, and that time that we were forced to play music written by a petulant sophomore composer ( I said that, not Connie. Connie loves you. I hate you. Just kidding. I love you too.)

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Hawaiian Guitarist Makana comes on to talk about the tradition of his instrument and the theoretical implications of the harmonies produced by the people of his home state. I went to Medieval Times for my 41st birthday. So I’m pretty cool too.

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100 episodes and four years of complaining! Let’s cap it off with one featuring the world’s whiniest classical guitarist, educator, and over eater: Mike Gentile and Simon Powis interview me. Here’s to 100 episodes and thank you for your support. Become a member today at to receive exclusive content. This episode is sponsored by and

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Scott Schwartz, director of the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music, and Paul Warnik, a steel-guitar historian/collector tell us the little known story of the rare Grand Letar and it’s mysterious but prolific creator Letritia Kandle.

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Chris and Julian team up and give one of the best acoustic performances any of us have ever seen. Afterwards I immediately started submitting applications to marketing firms. I got the chance to speak with them at the 2017 Ellnora Guitar Festival. 

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Costa Rican guitarist Guido Sanchez Portuguez joins me at the 2017 Ellnora Guitar festival after becoming the first Professor of Guitar in the history of the University of Illinois. 

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He's got the blues. I have the interviews. Together we team up to form BLINTERBLUE, a podcasting robot-pizza-monster who feels unloved and has the need to express his frustration in melancholy verse over a pentatonic melody. Jontavious Willis delivers the best blues performance I've ever seen and joins me at the 2017 Ellnora Guitar Festival. 

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Matt told John that Brenda cheated on him with Bill. But really, it was Scott. Scott said he was at the Peach Pit all night and to ask Nat. Nat wouldn't say anything, but he glanced at Dillon. Dillon was too busy combing his armpits to care. Playing guitar in L.A. is hard. I open the Ellnora Guitar Festival series of episodes with an interview of LAGQ. 

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I sit down at the Mannes Guitar Seminar with Roman guitarist Roberto Fabbri. Also, It's our annual fundraiser and bake sale!!! Donate at today and receive a free bar of Irish Spring Soap! 

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Koren Guitarist Yenne Lee stops by and we talk about her new album, Beautiful. I talk about my landlord's new shirt, Ugly. 

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Lubos is a guitar builder with a fascinating story about leaving soviet controlled Prague for Vienna, eventually making his way to the United States. I come back from a long break and explain where I was.

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In the last several years the accomplished luthier Aaron Green has worn several hats, but the hat he likes best is shaped like a guitar (What? Why did I just write this?) because he builds guitars (What’s wrong with me?). Check out my interview with Massachusetts guitar maker and restorer of fine instruments. This episode is sponsored by . “You can get dog stuff.”

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I am a Prestige Level 15 Recon class sniper with several accommodations, including a medal of honor, a WW2 era German Panzer, and several upgraded assault riffles and side arms. On my Xbox. Jason is a real veteran with a fascinating story about how he went from the western front to the back of his offices at Sage Music in Long Island City. 

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 Merry Christmas and happy holidays folks! How about we end the year with a little show about Peter Argondizza, a guitarist who deserves our attention. Donate! It's the holidays for Pete's sake! 

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Educator and guitarist Jennifer Trowbridge speaks to a panicked, gout riddled shell of a man about her various projects and favorite foods. 

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The United States faces an uncertain future, and I face Boston guitarist/ composer Aaron Larget-Caplan on this special edition of Classical Guitar Insider with future President Big Diaper Bret Williams. Hey, if he can do it…

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The Polish guitarist tells me what it’s like to teach at San Fransisco Conservatory and tour the country after his 2007 GFA win. Do you want to come see me play in a fifty seat converted office space in NYC at the end of the month? Tune in for details! Happy Halloween! 

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Brazil, New York, and daily workouts in the water keep this legendary jazz guitarist and composer lean, mean, and ready to scream. Also, sometimes children like to threaten me with sharp objects, but rent is rent! Am I right ladies?!

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I can roll a cigarette, drive a stick, and tie my shoes, but I can't make guitars. Cause I DONT LIK SCHOOL! SCHOOL SUCS! William Kramer Harrison loves school, and loves producing some of the finest instruments on the market. It's luthier William Kramer Harrison on Classical Guitar Insider with your host Burp Williams. 

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 I interviewed Sergio Assad! Look at me when I'm talking to you! Did you hear what I said? Oh and I need money. It's the Classical Guitar Insider August pledge drive and you can donate at in the podcast section. I interviewed Sergio Assad! 

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Klick! Klack! Percussion Guitar Solo Attack! It's Columbia University professor and new music composer/performer Arthur Kampela. 

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Marriage is hard. You have to decide who’ll do the cooking, who’ll empty the garbage, and who’ll take voice 1 in the Ginastera for Saturday’s performance. German/ Venezuelan, Husband/ Wife, Duo Montes Kirchner comes on the show!

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Clarice Assad joins us and talks about growing up in Brazil, the American academic music scene and being a jazz musician in New York. I try to sell you mattresses. 

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The founders of the Kithara Project talk about their goal of putting guitar and classical music into the hands of children in areas that lack the resources for arts education and programming. You know, I can be selfless and helpful too. I'm just really busy with my podcast right now? And also I need to replace my headphones. I'm thinking bluetooth for the gym, but I don't know if they're sweat proof.  

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Chilean guitarist and composer Pedro Rodriguez comes on the show to talk about his homeland, being a nylon jazz player, and how much fun it is to hear Americans use foul language. He's in the right place because I swear like an older sister at a bachelorette party. 

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Humanitarian Guitarist and partner of the outreach project Kithara, Matthew Rohde visits for an interview. Also: I got fired last week! Who want's cake?! 

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It's Shark Week! Hawaiian hybrid classical guitarist and spear fisherman Ian O'Sullivan told me he eats Spam Sushi! Gross Ian. Gross. 

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Isabella talks about what it means to be a musicologist, her new guitar school, and being a parent. I talk about Korean food, pink eye and gout. There's something for everyone! 

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Christopher Mallet released three albums in the same year. Including two duo albums with two different guitar duos. He’s also married to four women, has a pet lion and is going into improv comedy. He’s a risk taker, a deal maker, and a ball breaker! (he’s a sweetheart)

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It’s Turkey Day!!! Not the day you burp and fart and watch two teams you don’t care about give each other dementia, Turkey Day with award winning Turkish guitarist and composer Celil Refik Kaya!

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 Herschel Garfein shares that even he, an Grammy award winning composer and librettist, eats bananas out of garbage cans and smokes cigarettes off the sidewalk. Also, I move to an area contaminated by an oil spill in 1950 that was three times the size of Exxon Valdez. Art in America is alive and well and littered with high concentrations of free radicals. 


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Gyan Riley is a composer, magician’s apprentice, guitarist and the first man to give birth. How does he juggle it all? You have to listen to find out.

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Threefifty, the group formed by the former members of Threefifty Duo, explain the origin of their name, talk about their new octet, teaching adults, and getting kicked out of their apartment. 

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Dr. Victor Kioulaphides is an award winning composer and concert double bassist who left his country for New York on a world class cruise ship. He met a plain faced, box shaped girl who let him paint her nude until the ship ran into a giant box of un-microwave-safe-good-morning-america coffee mugs. The End.

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